Project Real Life is a-go

I’ve officially entered my last semester of uni – meaning that when September ends, I’ll be out there in the real world, having to support myself on my own… and think about paying back my student loans.

Scary stuff, right?!

But lo and behold, I have a plan! Since I see myself as a writer and filmmaker, actually living off that is the goal for me. I want to tell stories, period.

So in order to do that, I’m currently working on a personal website and on publishing my first ebook. Plus, my next short film is also in development, yay!

It’s an exciting time – and I’m torn between ‘Zukunftsangst’ (that terrifying feeling of never ever being good enough to be paid to do anything you enjoy; not the official definition by the one relevant to me right now) and bouncing off the walls because I can’t wait to be done with uni =)