Project Real Life is a-go

I’ve officially entered my last semester of uni – meaning that when September ends, I’ll be out there in the real world, having to support myself on my own… and think about paying back my student loans.

Scary stuff, right?!

But lo and behold, I have a plan! Since I see myself as a writer and filmmaker, actually living off that is the goal for me. I want to tell stories, period.

So in order to do that, I’m currently working on a personal website and on publishing my first ebook. Plus, my next short film is also in development, yay!

It’s an exciting time – and I’m torn between ‘Zukunftsangst’ (that terrifying feeling of never ever being good enough to be paid to do anything you enjoy; not the official definition by the one relevant to me right now) and bouncing off the walls because I can’t wait to be done with uni =)


Slash Survey – positionality #1

If my anthropology minor has taught me anything, it is that “every view is a view from somewhere and ever act of speaking, a speaking from somewhere” (Lila Abu-Lughod). So the analysis of my slash survey I am currently undertaking is inherently biased, not only by the way the survey was disseminated, but also in the way I select examples and summarise responses.

Thus I will provide my own responses to the survey questions here, in order to clarify my background and positionality.

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Racism, critical whiteness, political correctness and trying too hard


So why do I have qualms about openly stating “I didn’t like this movie”? [12 Years a Slave] I figure because there is an air of lacking political correctness about this statement. I don’t have a problem saying that I think The Wolf Of Wall Street sucked, big time. Yet when it comes to films about slavery, I pause.
Isn’t that exactly what’s still wrong in this world? Beside the open racism and misogyny, homophobia and other kinds of hate? I’m referring to the fact that, when it comes to the oppressed, the former oppressed, the minorities, we aka Those Not Oppressed, are too worried about political correctness to actually say anything?

I’m a white European woman and sometimes I hate myself for it because apparently, white Europeans are the arseholes of history. And I believe that every person is the same, just perfect as they are and that hate/discrimination/intolerance for whatever reason is just wrong – but sometimes when I talk about people of colour, minorities, etc (things I can empathize with but never truly understand), I spend a lot of time worrying about what I say for fear of sounding racist/intolerant/too white that I might just say nothing at all.


“… and action!”

Hi there, I’m Jay.

I’m a German film science student who loves movies and TV shows in a way that might not be considered healthy by some people.

My goal in life is to become a writer/director, thus creating stories people can connect with, that stay with them, influence their lives and offer an escape from RL – real life. That not so magical place we all have to live in.

On this blog, I will review movies, TV shows, perhaps books on film, share my thoughts on related subjects and recount my experiences in the film industry.

I hope I’ll be able to catch your attention and, more importantly, keep it!

Laterz, guys