Slash and Omegaverse Survey

Index of all posts I wrote to analyse the results of my survey on slash and omegaverse:

#1 – The Repsondents [on tumblr]

#2 – Discovering slash fanfic [on tumblr]

#3 – Slash: the Good, the Bad, and the Subversive [on tumblr]

#4 – Is slash subversive? [on tumblr]

#5 – Smut, kinks, squicks, and the plot/porn ratio [on tumblr]

#6 – Omegaverse, vol I [on tumblr]

#7 – Omegaverse, vol II: Social commentary or abhorrent misogyny? [on tumblr]

Positionality #1 – wherein I answer the survey questions to show my view on things, which inevitably colours my analyses


Note: All quotes are taken verbatim and will be attributed to the pseudonym specified by the participants. If provided, I will include age, pronouns, orientation, age and country.