“Acceptance/Akzeptanz” – English translation

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This is a translation of the description underneath the pitch video on the startnext.com page for my crowdfunding project. You cannot donate here, but will have to return to Startnext.

Short info: “Acceptance/Akzeptanz” is a bilingual short film about the young manager Fiona who moves back to her home town with her girlfriend after a promotion. Shortly after the move, Fiona receives a call from her father, whom she hasn’t spoken to in ten years because he had a problem with her “alternative lifestyle”.

Without giving too much away – it is an optimistic short film about a father-daughter relationship against the background of rural Bavaria and a directorial debut.

Q: What is your project about?

“Acceptance/Akzeptanz” is a bilingual short film about the young manager Fiona, who moves back to her home in Bavaria after a promotion along with her girlfriend Sam, an English writer. Shortly after the move, Fiona’s father calls her for the first time in ten years. Back then he did not approve of his daughter’s “alternative lifestyle”. Now Fiona hopes to reconnect with him, yet her father only seems to be motivated by his cancer diagnosis.

Without giving too much away – it is a positive film about a father-daughter relationship, set in rural Bavaria, and a directing debut. The script has been written, cast and crew have been found and every one is working without pay – yet there are always a few costs always. That’s why we need your support!

This “we” refers to the student and aspiring screenwriter and director Julia Schnorrer, as well as the actors Daniela Jennings, Shabana Hussain, and Thomas Giegerich. Some might know the latter from his varied work on television and in theatre. Tina Reuther will function as director of photography and editor.

Furthermore, musician and songwriter Eddy Gabler will let us use one of his amazing songs!

Q: What is your goal and who is the target audience?

Our goal is clear – gather the budget for our short film, given that while the initiators Julia and Daniela might have great ideas, they do lack the necessary means to produce the film on their own.

The story itself concerns everyone – it is about generational conflicts, about home, about acceptance. Fiona’s father Jörg was not able to accept her sexual orientation, causing Fiona to move out as soon as she had her A levels. Now she is due to return, freshly prompted and in a relationship with a successful girlfriend to whom she plans on proposing. Jörg, meanwhile, has been diagnosed with cancer. With only a few months left to live, he wants to see his daughter again. The question whether or not they are going to find some common ground is the central conflict of the movie.

Q: Why should a person support your project?

That’s easy – with your contribution you are encouraging young, up-and-coming artists from rural Germany as well as helping creative talents to translate their ideas into film!

What is going to be done with the funds in case of the campaign’s success?

All means will be used for the film’s production. The most costly factor are make-up (600€) and the rental fees for equipment (approx. 400€). In addition, there are costs for catering and a few props that cannot be brought in for free. In a best case scenario we will also be able to subsidise the cast and crew’s travel costs.

We are glad to have won the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH as well as the Juwelier Meiller as sponsors for our project.

Q: Who is behind the project?

Julia “Jay Ez” Schnorrer, director and screenplay: Julia is a Berlin student and an aspiring screenwriter as well as director. In her hometown she has participated in the city’s theatre group since its inception. She also functioned as creative director of the English drama society at her former school and explored the area as a journalist for the local newspaper. In the course of her studies she wants to gather real life experience in the field of filmmaking which surpasses a mere internship at someone else’s shoot.

Daniela Jennings, actress: Daniela has been proving her talents in many local theatre groups, which is also where she met Julia. Now Daniela wants to venture into film, banding together with Julia in order to realise a project of their own.

Thomas Giegerich, actor and producer: Thomas is the most experienced member of our team and has prevailed for many years in the German-speaking theatre and film landscape. He will not only help us in word and deed but also take on the part of Jörg, Fiona’s father.

All updates to the project’s blog on startnext.com will be posted both in English and in German. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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