Age of Ultron Review [spoiler-free]

I had high expectations when I walked into the cinema today and Joss Whedon and his band of actors did not disappoint

Things that I absolutely loved:

  • The initial sequence – the film simply takes the impressive camera work of the final fight of the first movie and starts with that. The result is beautifully thrilling!
  • Bruce and Tony’s bromance – they had a lot of scenes together, mostly in the lab, and it is awesome!
  • Sam Wilson is on board and we get a hint about what’s going on withthe Bucky situation.
  • Steve and Thor’s interactions – as evidenced in the promotional clips, those two have a few hilarious moments together.
  • Steve and Tony’s interactions, but for entirely different reasons – they are not best buddies all the time and while it hurts my fangirl heart like hell to watch it, it lays fantastic groundwork for Civil War.
  • Wanda and Pietro – great moments and engaging development in the course of the movie.
  • Maria Hill – she gets to be the BAMF she truly is!
  • Bruce/Tasha – I was extremely skeptical at first about this, but it works the way they portray it.
  • The Storytelling – Joss Whedon simply is a master of producing compelling narratives and this one is no different.
  • The Production Design – everything’s so pretty!
  • Ultron – he is smart and incredibly dangerous, just like one wants a villain to be.

So yes, the film is great, but a few things still irked me slightly. It really should have been called “Nothing lasts forever” instead of “Age of Ultron” because that is the one big theme I take from this movie.

At first, I was a little disappointed (not to mention emotionally compromised) at the ending, yet after thinking it through once more, it really suits perfectly. They are laying the groundwork for the next phase, for Thor 3 and Civil War and it’s all going to be horrible on our feelings…

Also, having the people in Slovakia speaking their own language instead of English would have been a nice touch. And we got a bit of Clint’s backstory which is so different from what I know from fanon that I was extremely irritated at first, but at least some level of alienation was intended.

Apart from that, I can only criticize that there was a bit too much romance subplot for my tastes. I don’t particularly like romance subplots in action movies since they tend to be rather predictable, so I’m extremely biased. A lot of people will certainly call it a perfect mix, yet I would have cut a few moments had I been sitting in the editor’s chair.

Nevertheless – I cannot wait until I see it a second time!


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