#AskSupernatural: That time Supernatural regret to ask for their fans’ opinion

Another thing they could do – maybe after season 10 – is do an honest feature in which the writers and show runners address all those issues of misogyny, queerbaiting and so on. WE DESERVE ANSWERS.

The Daily Fandom


With only one week to go before the start of San Diego Comic-Con, the Supernatural official Twitter account (@cw_spn) started a hashtag called #AskSupernatural. The purpose was that the fans could ask all their questions regarding the show for next week’s Supernatural panel. And, in only a few seconds, the hashtag was flooded with questions and concerns from all the corners of the fandom.

And by “all corners of the fandom” we obviously also include the fans that are NOT happy with where Supernatural is going or with how TBTP are treating certain fans. #AskSupernatural was seen by some fans as an invitation to ask all those things they were dying to ask. And this included concerns, complains, sarcastic tweets and even harassment.

Let’s not forget that the Supernatural fandom has suffered some wank recently, causing a big wave of fans to leave the fandom. Some of them saw #AskSupernatural as the last…

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