“There’s this idea that the cis het white male is a character everyone can relate to”

The Daily Fandom


A white cis heterosexual male is running in the streets. Some nasty looking creatures from out of space are chasing him while sirens go off in the background. The situation looks very dangerous, but fear not, despite  being in trouble, we’re sure our hero will manage to use his amazing skills to save the day and rescue the white heterosexual cis female.
This is a very common scenario in TV and we’ve seen it over and over again. We’ve seen it so many times, that when we imagine new scenarios in our head, we imagine those kind of people just by default. But what happens to the rest of people who don’t fall in those categories? What about women who rescue other people? What about people of colour? And queer people? And non-binary gender people? Sadly, they’re nowhere to be seen. And if…

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