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Gravity – pretty pictures, little else

I finally watched the much praised film “Gravity”. I didn’t go to see it in the cinema because I took one look at the trailer and thought, “nope, I’m already bored”, but a friend of mine lent it to me so, well, I had to see it to finally have an opinion of my own.

I didn’t see it in 3D but I can imagine that the cinematography will be even more impressive on the big screen. Space is pretty after all.

However, you can summarize the plot in a heartbeat: Astronauts in space, repairing stuff, when debris hits and knocks them off their space station. Weathered astronaut George Clooney saves rookie Sandra Bullock, tells her how to get back but himself floats away into infinity. Sandra Bullock starts her journey back and while she’s cutting it close, we never one doubt she will find gravity again.

Surprise, she survives^^

And while I’m not saying Bullock and Clooney aren’t great actors who can totally carry a movie on their own, I am saying that the plot left much to be desired. I wasn’t pulled into the story, I didn’t really grow emotionally attached to the characters… but what could the screenplay have done differently? There aren’t many potential plot points in space, at least without adding aliens or physically questionable maneuvers.

I haven’t researched the director’s and writer’s intention, but I guess they wanted to make a great 3D picture set in space with stars to draw the crowds. And they did manage that, very well actually. For the first time I really feel like the content has been designed in a way that 3D makes sense and isn’t just a fancy effect. 

Yet pretty pictures aren’t enough to keep me entertained. Maybe for five minutes when I’m generous but not for one and a half hours.


Gravity on imdb