Music to Picture: An Interview with Composer Michael Price


by Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)

Michael Price (Used with permission) Michael Price (Used with permission)

That quintessentially Sherlock moment. Every time I see the scene I feel a confusing zap, a wicked little thrill. Sherlock Holmes elevates his arm and whoosh! His riding crop slices the air. Sherlock thrashes and thrashes and thrashes. Molly Hooper, his only witness, has no more intention of averting her eyes than we do. Oh, she winces a bit when the crop makes contact, but not because Sherlock is flogging a corpse. That is incidental. This is Sherlock being… Sherlock. Performing Sherlockiness.

I think, sometimes, that Molly, too, can hear it. That glorious cue that tells us it’s okay to laugh, that it’s okay to find this curious circumstance exhilarating. Da dum. Da da da da, da da dum. Da dum. Da da da da da dum… Michael Price and David Arnold call their famous tune by a few names:…

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