Alternative titles for “Noah”

  • Parenting – You’re Doing It Wrong
  • Why Are There Rock Giants
  • Changing The Book Plot For Effects (x)
  • Did You Actually Read The Source Material
  • The Movie That Grossed Me Out (and I watch SAW to relax)
  • Cannibalism Might Also Be Happening
  • The Most Unlikeable Hero In History Ever
  • Why Creationism Doesn’t Rule Out The Big Bang
  • Patriarchy – Taking Decisions Out Of Your Hands Since Garden Eden
  • Noah: Neither Pro-life Nor Pro-choice
  • Emma Watson Runs In This Movie Too
  • Let Expensive CGI Creatures Sleep
  • Did I Accidentally Walk Into The Battle of Minastirith
  • Pushing Noah Off The Arch Might Not Be A Bad Idea
  • Noah – Singing In The Rain


If God had known humanity would make such godawful movies, he wouldn’t have bothered saving us


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