Music to Picture: An Interview with Composer Michael Price


by Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)

Michael Price (Used with permission) Michael Price (Used with permission)

That quintessentially Sherlock moment. Every time I see the scene I feel a confusing zap, a wicked little thrill. Sherlock Holmes elevates his arm and whoosh! His riding crop slices the air. Sherlock thrashes and thrashes and thrashes. Molly Hooper, his only witness, has no more intention of averting her eyes than we do. Oh, she winces a bit when the crop makes contact, but not because Sherlock is flogging a corpse. That is incidental. This is Sherlock being… Sherlock. Performing Sherlockiness.

I think, sometimes, that Molly, too, can hear it. That glorious cue that tells us it’s okay to laugh, that it’s okay to find this curious circumstance exhilarating. Da dum. Da da da da, da da dum. Da dum. Da da da da da dum… Michael Price and David Arnold call their famous tune by a few names:…

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If God had known humanity would make such godawful movies, he wouldn’t have bothered saving us

Captain America: The Winter Soldier REVIEW (spoiler free)

I have to admit – originally, I didn’t want to see TWS in the cinema. I’ve watched the first one before Avengers hit the screen so that I’d have an idea of who the Cap is and I found it well done but boring.


Because seriously, Captain America is kind of boring. He doesn’t have Tony’s wit and sarcasm, Bruce’s inner turmoil, Clint’s attitude and Natasha’s I-can-kill-you-with-my-index-finger personality. And Thor is at least great comic relief. What does the Cap have? Yes, principles and ethics and leadership qualities and – patriotism. I’m not American. In fact, I’m German, and the sort of patriotism Captain America embodies makes me queasy, so that might be a reason for my lack of passion when it comes to this particular Avenger.


However, the trailer for TWS blew me out of my seat so I just had to watch it on the big screen. (Well, 3D is pretty wasted here, regarding the lack of effects that are tailored to this technology, but alas… *sighs*)


My resume


The Winter Soldier is a good movie and worth watching, but it’s not the Cap that makes it good.

Steve Rogers is out running where he meets Sam Wilson, bromance sparks between them, seeing as they are both former soldiers. Sam Wilson will re-appear in the course of the movie and bring some much needed comic relief, yet even when then it doesn’t compare at all to the amount of fun I had during Avengers Assemble (but then, what does?).


Without Natasha, TWS wouldn’t have been half as good – she brings ruthlessness to the Cap’s naiveté and all-around goodness, is portrayed as the same grade of badass she was in Avengers, wears tight black latex (leather? something really hot, anyway) without being sexualised (we also don’t get to see Steve shirtless. But in very flattering running gear…)


I feared Marvel would introduce a romance subplot between Natasha and Steve but thankfully, Natasha spends most of the movie trying to set Steve up with other women, clearly conveying she is not interested.


Now, to the action sequences: Yes, parts of them were a tad over the top and had me raise an eyebrow at the screen but 90% of it had me in awe and at the edge of my seat. The most memorable sequence features the Falcon, Sam Wilson with mechanical wings as seen in the trailer, as he flies through the sky during the epic showdown. Personally, it left me wanting to write an E-mail to Marvel, asking them to commercialise that thing because oh my, I’d so buy it and fly everywhere from now on.


As Joss Whedon announced, TWS would herald a new age for the Marvel Universe – and let me tell you, HELL YES.


In the finale, there were lots of feelings (at least for those who actually are emotionally involved with the Cap plot arch – I heard a lot of sniffling), a number of explosion, subversion, a brilliant “In your face!” moment and some indication of what is to come. Let’s say I can understand now why Black Widow will receive a spin-off and not Hawkeye or Bruce Banner.


The credits rolled and let me stress this: STAY UNTIL THE VERY END. There are two scenes left. The first one scared me and made me fear for the future in the Marvel Universe, the second gave me a bit of hope.


Moreover, the graphic novel aficionados seem to be very happy with the movie and the ending as well.  


To conclude: If you’re a fan of the Cap or Natasha or Nick Fury, go to the cinema; you won’t regret it. If you only want to watch TWS to be ready, plot wise, for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, wait for the DVD^^


PS: And is it just me or is Chris Evans getting hotter???




Captain America: The Winter Soldier


D: Anthony and Joe Russo


Cast: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie