NATIVe Storytelling

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Thursday night at 10 pm at the Audi Lounge. While the remains of the some movie premiere scattered from in front of the Berlinale Palast, I reached the location just in time for the Native Storytelling slam.

I wouldn’t have known about it if a friend hadn’t asked me if I wanted to come. Thankfully, she also reserved me a seat and then it began without me having much of a clue of what to expect.

Lesson of the evening: Bad English wrecks every story.

(…For me, at least. really, I have a habit of correcting people mentally and during events like this, it’s just annoying)

An American of native American decent (first picture) began by telling a few short stories from his ancestors that were mostly amusing and also helped smother the noise the rest of the people in the Audi Lounge were making (since god forbid they’d be silent).

Karim, half Egyptian, half Austrian (second picture), expanded on a question he once asked a poet – “When is a clown a real clown?” And after months of waiting for a reply, this is what the poet said: “A clown is a real clown when he is trying to be sad.”

The most adorable story, however, told a young woman from Korea who is working at the Berlin airport during the Berlinale. A few days ago she helped a man orchestrate the perfect welcome gesture for his girlfriend after the couple had been apart for two weeks.

Two weeks. Well, the storyteller was a tad disappointed and in turn told us about a couple that has to suffer through absence of the other one far longer than a meagre two weeks. The princess of the King Father, a skilled seamstress, and a honest, hard-working shepherd met, fell in love and married just like the King Father in Heaven had wanted. However, in love’s passionate grasp, the two lovers neglected their duties, so that the King Father created the Milky Way to separate them.

Woe was big, though, and the shepherd and the princess didn’t return to their work. Instead, they mourned the loss of the other until all the birds came together and build a bridge over the Milky Way, enabling the couple to meet again (on July 7th). The King Father saw it and decided to allow them to see each other once a year if they promised to work hard the other days.

So now, when you are in Korea and see a bird with ruffled feathers during July, be kind to the bird since it helped build the bridge so the two lovers could meet.


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