Berlinale Talents: Neil Jordan and Martha De Laurentiis

Neil Jordan Martha de Laurentiis

Berlinale Talents boasts a lot of starts this year, two of which were Neil Jordan and Martha De Laurentiis. Jordan is an Oscar-winning script-writer and the creator of the TV show “The Borgias” with Jeremy Irons, Martha De Laurentiis is the Executive Producer responsible for “Hannibal” with Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy.

The title of the event on Tuesday was “Expanding stories: Successfully creating television series”. I expected it to be a bit more practical, providing some tips and more stories from the guests’ experiences.

Don’t get me wrong, there were stories but mostly during the part of the event the audience was allowed to ask questions so the Laurentiis and Jordan had to be prompted to tell them. Meanwhile the host seemed to have misunderstood the goal of the event (or I did, also possible) and turned it more into a promotional campaign for the guests’ works.

Which worked, admittedly. They showed the promo for Hannibal season 2 and I’ve been tempted to watch season 1 before (damn you, tumblr!)  and last night after the event I succumbed and started binge watching “Hannibal” 🙂 I’m only two episodes in and I already love it… have to continue asap!


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