Beat the queue

Ever since I read three months ago that “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby was going to be released as a movie in 2014, I knew I needed to see it.

I read the book in school, we played a scene from it with the theatre group and above all, this book really moved me. So yeah, I’ve been salivating ever since I heard about it’s release. (Though I still don’t know what the casting director thought when s/he cast Pierce Brosnan…. wtf?)

There are three – THREE – screenings during the Berlinale. Tonight, tomorrow and on Sunday. So I have three chances to get in. Since I don’t want to be in line at 5am at the ticket counter, I’ll try my luck at the box office. The show starts at 9pm, the office opens at 8pm, I’ll be in front of it at 7.30. With a lot of other people, but well. Let’s hope Lady Luck is with me!

PS: Reviews for “Jack”, “71”, “Kreuzweg” and the “Queer Shorts” will follow soon!


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