Berlinale rant #1

This is the third day at the Berlinale 2014 and I’m already pissed and thinking about blowing off most of the things I had planned.

Partly, because I have no other choice.

With a student accreditation I can get tickets like everyone else – the day before at the ticket counter. It already pisses me off that I’d have to be there at 5 am to gain access to screenings like Nymphomaniac or A Long Way Down (the latter of which I desperately want to see since I adored the book) but today everything’s taken a turn for worse.

Berlinale Talents consists mostly of speeches. This year the focus is storytelling and as an aspiring screenwriter I’ve been salivating for the past week over a few of the panel topics. On Thursday I was told that I, as a student, could only get tickets for those events ON THE DAY of the event and only at the HAU, where the panels will be held.

Alright. So this morning, I reached HAU 1 at 9.30 only to be told that the student tickets are being distributed only at HAU 2. Which is about 5 minutes on foot around the corner. There, a very helpful member of the staff told me that there are NO TICKETS left for anything that was happening today. But I got one for a screening tomorrow morning for a movie I did want to see (Kreuzwege). So yay.

On my way downstairs, I tried my luck at the ticket counter (for the normal people who have better chances than me, apparently) and wonders oh wonders – I was able to buy a ticket for today’s “Kill Your Darlings”. Finally.

Now, however, I have to completely re-think my entire schedule and at this point (three days into the Berlinale, mind you) I’m not sure how long I can do this anymore.


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