The Berlinale Process

An installment at the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

Installment, Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

My first trip across Berlin (okay, halfway across Berlin; only took me 30 minutes) yielded great results. I have my badge and I’m ready to roll!

Only problem: While the paying public can purchase tickets three or four days in advance, people with accreditations may only do so the day before the showing or the exact date of. Which means that I will have to be at the ticket counter at 8 am every morning to beat the queues, wait until the counter opens at 8.30 am and hope that I’ll be able to score tickets for the films I want to see.

Now what about Berlinale Talents? That’s a section featuring great speeches, mostly revolving around scriptwriting and different aspects of production – perfect for me as an aspiring writer and director. However, as a student with a student accreditation, I can’t get tickets in advance, no. I need to be there at the HAU where the speeches will be held, approximately 30-45 minutes before the speech starts, and wait in an extra student queue, hoping a ticket will remain for me.

Oh boy. It’s gonna be a busy week.


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