Berlinale – The Day Before

My prof loves me – that’s the only explanation for what happened.

Thanks to him, I am the proud owner of a student accreditation code for the Berlinale 2014! It only cost me 60€ (as opposed to the 125€ and more regular fee) and I have the chance to see all movies and attend all the speeches – provided there’re still tickets left when I want to claim them.

It’s a tad complicated since tickets are only available two or three days prior to the screening so I’ll be doing a lot of running around the city the next one and a half weeks. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for the big chance it is. (Also, the whole thing requires a lot of planning because you need to know when you want to be where and when you’ll get tickets for it… thank the gods I’m a perfectionist!)

I have no idea yet how to gain access to one of the Berlinale parties. Wish me luck that it works out!


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